Taxi from Malaga to Sierra Nevada from 165 euros

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Book your taxi from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada at the best price on We offer vehicles with capacity for 4 and 8 passengers.

Sierra Nevada Taxi Phone Number

Order your taxi at the phone number +34 649 10 01 64 or via Whatsapp if you prefer.

Malaga – Sierra Nevada Taxi Prices

Taxis for 1 to 4 people Taxis for 5 to 8 people
Malaga (Maria Zambrano Station) – Sierra Nevada 165 € 230 €
Malaga Airport – Sierra Nevada 170 € 240 €

How much does a taxi from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada cost?

The cost to travel by taxi from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada is 170 euros for taxis up to 4 passengers and 240 euros for those with capacity up to 8 passengers.

If your destination is Sierra Nevada, it is highly recommended to pre-book a taxi service from the airport. This ensures a direct and stress-free journey to your accommodation. Our taxi service stands out by offering multiple benefits:

  • Fixed rate: The assurance of not facing unexpected expenses.
  • Flexibility with delays: In case of delays in your flight, our driver will wait for you at no extra cost.
  • Large passenger capacity: Availability of vehicles for up to 8 passengers, in addition to the driver.
  • Accessible vehicles: We have taxis adapted for wheelchair users.
  • Comfort for children: We offer baby seats on request.

Choosing our service guarantees a comfortable, safe, and convenient start to your journey to Sierra Nevada.

What You Need to Know Before Going to Sierra Nevada (in snow season)

Essential Preparations

Before hitting the slopes, having the right equipment is crucial. Here’s a list of essentials:

  • Thermal clothing: Essential for maintaining body heat.
  • Tall socks: They should exceed the height of the boots to prevent chafing.
  • Protection: Includes knee pads and padded shorts, available at stores like Amazon at affordable prices (around 20 euros).
  • Helmet and goggles: For complete protection.
  • Small backpack: Ideal for carrying snacks, spare clothes, and personal items.

Sierra Nevada has several rental stores where you can find everything from basic to professional equipment, with prices starting at 10 euros. It’s advisable to compare prices and opt for packages that include everything you need.

On the Way

taxi Málaga Sierra Nevada
Opting for our taxi service instead of driving your own vehicle or taking a bus from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada, you’ll enjoy significant advantages that ensure a superior travel experience:

  • Avoid parking worries: Travelling in our taxi frees you from the hassle of searching for parking in Sierra Nevada, which can be expensive and hard to find, especially in high season.
  • No driving stress: Leaving the driving to us means you won’t have to navigate unfamiliar routes or face potentially stressful traffic conditions.
  • Save on car-related costs: Using our service eliminates expenses associated with using your own car, such as fuel, wear and tear, tolls, and post-trip maintenance.
  • Comfort and privacy: Unlike buses, where space is shared and often limited, our taxis offer a private and comfortable environment, allowing you to relax or work during the journey.
  • Flexible schedule: While buses operate on fixed schedules, which may not align with your arrival or preferences, our taxi service adapts to your timetable, offering complete flexibility.
  • Direct and personalized trip: Unlike the multiple stops and fixed itineraries of public transport, our taxi takes you directly to your destination, with the possibility of making stops according to your needs.

Choosing our taxi service for your transfer from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada represents a comfortable, efficient, and worry-free option, ensuring that your trip starts and ends in the best possible way.

Making the Most of the Station

Access to Slopes

Once equipped and ready, you can head to the slopes using the available gondolas and chairlifts. For beginners, it’s recommended to use the services that go directly to the easier slopes to avoid complications when starting.

Lift Tickets and Access

Lift tickets can be purchased at both physical ticket offices and automatic machines. Using the machines is usually faster and avoids long lines, especially during peak season.

Skiing Tips

For those new to skiing or snowboarding, it’s crucial to wear tall socks to prevent injuries and opt for protective gear like knee pads and padded shorts. Keeping your board or skis straight while descending is essential to avoid falls.

Fun for Everyone

Sierra Nevada isn’t just for skiing. The resort offers an amusement park with activities for children and adults, including sledding and the “log cross,” a unique experience recommended by many visitors.

Visiting Sierra Nevada is a wonderful experience that can be even better with the right preparation. Remembering to bring the correct equipment, following road safety tips, and taking advantage of the best parking spots will help you maximize your enjoyment on the slopes. Don’t forget to explore all the activities Sierra Nevada has to offer, ensuring a day full of adventure and fun for everyone.

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