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Book your taxi Marbella-Malaga (Airport, center of Málaga, Málaga Port, María Zambrano Station…) or your transfer from Malaga airport to Marbella at the best price with

If you are arriving by plane at Malaga Airport and want to go to Marbella or return to the airport, save a lot of time and gain comfort by booking a taxi from Malaga Airport to Marbella or vice versa. You will not regret it!

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Taxi Prices Marbella – Málaga

Taxis from 1 to 4 people Taxis from 5 to 8 people
Marbella (Center) – Malaga airport 60 € 85 €
Marbella (Los Monteros/ Río Real) – Malaga airport 58 € 81 €
Marbella (Golden Mille / Naguelles) – Malaga airport 65 € 90 €
Marbella (Quinta) – Malaga airport 75 € 105 €
Marbella (Hotel Villa Padierna) – Malaga airport 75 € 105 €
Nueva Andalucía – Malaga airport 70 € 90 €
Atalaya Park – Malaga airport 70 € 98 €
Cabopino / Las Chapas – Malaga airport 50 € 70 €
Elviria – Malaga airport 55 € 77 €
Puerto Banús – Malaga airport 70 € 90 €
Marbella (centro) – María Zambrano Station 65 € 90 €
Marbella (Los Monteros/ Río Real) – María Zambrano Station 63 € 88 €
Marbella (Golden Mille / Naguelles) – María Zambrano Station 70 € 95 €
Marbella (Quinta) – María Zambrano Station 80 € 110 €
Marbella (Hotel Villa Padierna) – María Zambrano Station 80 € 110 €
Nueva Andalucía – María Zambrano Station 75 € 95 €
Atalaya Park – María Zambrano Station 70 € 98 €
Cabopino / Las Chapas – María Zambrano Station 55 € 75 €
Elviria – María Zambrano Station 60 € 80 €
Puerto Banús – María Zambrano Station 75 € 95 €

Taxi from Malaga airport to Marbella

taxi Marbella Málaga

Are you planning to travel to any part of Marbella on vacation or for business? If so, we recommend you to book a taxi in advance from Malaga’s airport straight to your destination. You will be able to reach their destination without having to deal with transportation, queues, long times waiting, etc.

Why is booking a taxi the best option for you? Here are the best reasons to take in mind:

  • Fares are fixed, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs while you travel.
  • You can book a specific date and time, depending on your flight and your needs. If there is any delay in your flight, the taxi driver will wait for you, so you will not have to worry at any time.
  • We offer extra services, such as: baby seats, booster seats for kids, 9-seater taxis (ideal for families and groups), among others.
  • You won’t have to waste time looking for and waiting for public transport and carrying your bags.
  • It will take you less time to reach the accommodation, since the taxi will take you directly to your destination, using the shortest route.

Guided Tour Taxi Marbella

You can also hire a taxi for a tour, so you can visit Marbella’s best-known spots from the comfort of a car.

On a guided tour, you can see Marbella at your own pace, without waiting for public transportation, looking for stops along the way, or struggling to keep up with a group.

ℹ️ Check prices by calling us at +34 649 10 01 64 or by sending us a message on Whatsapp.

12 things to see in Marbella

The town of Marbella, in southern Spain, is a major resort for European tourists and has been for over 50 years. It currently has approximately 147,600 inhabitants spread over an area of about 117 square kilometers.

Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Marbella is famous for its luxurious golf courses, beautiful beaches, upscale shops, bars, and clubs. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, it offers a variety of landscapes along its coastline.

If you are in Marbella, there are some spots that you cannot miss and that are well worth a visit:

  • Avenida del Mar
  • Paseo Marítimo de Marbella
  • Playa de la Bajadilla
  • Playa de Cabopino
  • La Ermita de Santiago
  • Parque de la Alameda
  • Plaza de los Naranjos
  • Casco Antiguo de Marbella
  • Calle Ancha
  • Murallas de Marbella
  • Iglesia de Santa María de la Encarnación
  • Puerto Banús


Where to stay in Marbella?

To get to know Marbella, you can choose from several areas, depending on what you are looking for and your tastes.

  • For visitors interested in experiencing the city’s origins, we recommend Old Town (Casco Antiguo de la ciudad), a district whose traditional charms are typical of Arab medinas. This area includes numerous emblematic places to visit, such as the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento), la Casa del Corregidor, and la Ermita de Santiago. It is also quite close to the beach. Accommodations in this area include Hotel San Cristobal and La Villa Marbella.
  • If you want to stay in Marbella’s city center and enjoy a more modern, but less traditional atmosphere, with shops, stores, restaurants, etc., you can choose to stay in hotels such as the Senator Marbella, the Gran Meliá Don Pepe or the Hotel Baviera.

If luxury, beach, and nightlife are what you seek, we suggest the area around Puerto Banús, Marbella’s most popular, exclusive, and famous area. Here you will find the exclusive port, luxury cars, restaurants, clubs, bars and discos, as well as the beach. Accommodations in this area include hotels such as Gran Hotel Guadalpin and Benabola Hotel & Suites plus luxury apartments.

Taxi Stops in Marbella

In the Marbella area, there are a number of taxi stops, including the following:

  • Central: Avenida Del Mar, 1, 29601 Marbella
  • Clínica Buchinger Wilhelmi: Avenida Buchinger, 141, 29602 Marbella
  • Centro Comercial La Cañada: Carretera De Ojén, 29600 Marbella
  • Estación de autobuses: Avenida Hermanos Blánquez, 29602 Marbella
  • Hipercor Banus: Calle Ramón Areces, 29660 Marbella
  • Hospital Costa del Sol: Nacional 340 Km 187, 29603 Marbella
  • Hospital Quirón Marbella: Av. Severo Ochoa, 22, 29603 Marbella
  • Hotel Andalucía Plaza: Calle Las Violetas, 29660 Marbella
  • Hotel Don Carlos: Avenida Zurita, 29604 Marbella
  • Hotel Estrella del Mar: Urbanización Estrella Del Mar, 29604 Marbella
  • Hotel Guadalpin Banus: Calle Edgar Neville, 29660 Marbella
  • Hotel Guadalpin Marbella: Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso, De Von Hohenlohe, 19, 29602 Marbella
  • Hotel Los Monteros: Calle Lince, Km 187, 29603 Marbella
  • Hotel Marbella Club: Avenida Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, S/N, 29602 Marbella
  • Hotel Puente Romano: Nacional 340 Km 177, 29602 Marbella
  • Los Pinos Elviria: Centro Comercial Elviria, 29604 Marbella
  • Juzgado Nuevo: Av. Arias De Velasco, 15, 29601 Marbella
  • Plaza de Toros: Calle Serenata, 24, 29600 Marbella
  • Puerto Banus: Av José Banús, 1, 29660 Marbella
  • Puerto Deportivo Marbella: Rotonda Registrador Enrique Robles, 29602 Marbella
  • Skoll: Av. Arias Maldonado, 14, 29602 Marbella
  • Centro salud las Albarizas: Av. Las Albarizas, 12, 29603 Marbella

Additionally, you can find other taxi stops in Marbella, including at Aloha, Amare, Banco Andalucía Banus, Cabopino, Coral Beach, Dinamar, Franks Corner, Fuente Nueva, Guadalmina , La Campana, La Sala Banus , Miraflores , Palacio de Congresos , among others.

How much is a taxi from Marbella to Malaga airport?

The price varies according to where in Marbella you stay, but generally it is about 50 euros per night in Las Chapas and Cabopino areas, and 70 euros per night in the Atalaya Park area or the Hotel Villa Padierna.

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